Products for International Markets

Products for International Markets

Horse oil is considered the natural oil that is closest to human sebum,
making it highly compatible with human skin. Our Bayu is made from food
grade horse fat – a precious natural resource even inside Japan. This high-

quality raw material goes through a specialized manufacturing process in

which it is repeatedly refined and filtered, creating a base horse oil of

exceptional purity. This is then processed into the final product at our

Hokkaido factory. Our product has none of the peculiar smell and stickiness

seen with other horse oils. We have succeeded in creating a horse oil that

is easily absorbed, making the skin silky and smooth.
Moreover, our highly purified Bayu could be classified as a food based on

its ingredients, meaning that it is safe even if ingested. Bayu is perfect

for use on the face, arms and legs, including special areas such as the

hands, elbows, knees, and heels – it’s great for the whole body. Bayu can

even be used safely on a baby’s delicate skin.
*We recommend our “Pure Bayu” for use on baby skin because it has no added

aroma oils.

This is our basic horse oil with no added aroma oils.
Ingredients: Horse Oil, Vitamin E

We added a cooling natural mint aroma oil to our basic horse oil.
Ingredients: Horse Oil, Mint Oil, Vitamin E

We added natural lavender aroma oil for its powerful relaxation effects.
Ingredients: Horse Oil, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E

*Vitamin E is added to help prevent oxidation.
*In order to further prevent oxidation, we recommend storing Bayu in a cool

*The effects and benefits of horse oil will vary depending on the user.
*If you have an adverse skin reaction, stop use immediately and consult a

*Manufactured by: Hokkaido Select Co., Ltd.

[Reference Prices]
The following are sales prices for our Japanese domestic products with the

same specifications as the products shown above.
20g (all varieties) ¥1,200 + tax
60g (all varieties) ¥3,000 + tax
*Local sales prices will be different from the prices listed here, due to

customs duties and other costs associated with exporting and importing.